Los Altos Repiping

Los Altos Repiping
Our Los Altos repiping specialists are always just a quick phone call away. Like most things with moving parts, home water lines don’t last forever. When there’s water flowing through them, they essentially have moving parts and can wear out. Making matters worse, the lines themselves may consist of substandard materials. If a home’s original plumbing has been around a few decades and is experiencing increasing numbers of leaks, it might be time to bring in our repipe specialists in Los Altos. Using PEX repiping or copper repiping in Los Altos, they’ll provide a permanent solutions for the problem.

The Go-To Repipe Specialists In Los Altos

Copper piping is often expected to last at least a century, but there are houses in the Los Altos area at least that old. Our repipe specialists in Los Altos can discover if this is the case. Many homes, especially those built between 1975 and 1995, contain polybutylene piping. This material has been documented to sometimes expand and break after exposure to chlorine. Many times, plumbers would combine this flexible plastic tubing with copper sections that attached to end fixtures, so it’s not always easy to tell. Our Los Altos repipe experts can check for this. Finally, galvanized lines were commonly used for residential plumbing in the past, and abrasive mineral particles in water strip away the zinc cover and allow the steel beneath to begin rusting. The rust particles contribute to further erosion. Our Los Altos repipe professionals can tell if the situation requires galvanized pipe replacement in Los Altos.

Reliable Copper Repiping In Los Altos

In terms of initial costs, copper repiping in Los Altos will carry a bigger price tag. But it also has a big advantage in durability. Los Altos copper repiping plumbers admire the longevity of this material. They also like the fact that it easily holds up against fire. For these two reasons, Los Altos copper repiping plumbers will point out, manufacturers offer more generous guarantees on these Los Altos repiping jobs than any others.

PEX Repiping And More

A more cost-effective alternative for Los Altos repiping work is PEX repiping. This flexible plastic material is cheaper than copper, but even Los Altos copper repiping plumbers will tell you it’s also cheaper to install since it can bend to fit existing plumbing passages or bypass obstacles. While the region isn’t known for cold weather, PEX repiping has the bonus feature of resisting freeze-induced fractures when used for galvanized pipe replacement in Los Altos.

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